In the Bible, the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are commonly referred to as the Gospels. The word Gospel means “Good News”.

The Good News is:
  1. God is good (Ps.106:1; Jn.10:14). There is no evil in Him (2Cor.5:21).
  2. He doesn’t waiver or change (James 1:17; Heb.13:8).
  3. He made us in His image (Gen.1:26, 5:1). What a privilege!
  4. He knows each one of us individually (Luke 12:7; 1Chron.28:9).
  5. God loves us (Ps.103:11; Rom.8:35-39; Jn.16:27). The creator of the entire universe loves us!
  6. He forgives us of our sins (1Jn.1:7; Titus 2:14; Ps.103:12; Is.1:18).
  7. He gives us the gift of salvation (Rom.6:23).
  8. He calls us His Children (Jn. 1:12; Rom. 8:16; 1Jn. 3:1).
  9. He desires a relationship with us (Ps.145:18).
  10. His resurrection shows us there is life after death (Jn.11:25; Rev.1:18).

The overall message of the Bible is that God desires a relationship with us.  It tells us how God has provided reconciliation for that relationship by Jesus willingly going to the cross to pay for our sins.  It is a message of the great love God has for mankind.  It is a book about a glorious future we can spend with Him if we will “confess Jesus as Lord and believe God raised Him from the dead” (Rom. 10:9).

Have you ever heard of better news than that?  You didn’t create yourself and you didn’t put yourself here on this earth, so put some effort into getting to know the One who did.  Read the Bible, pray to God, do good to your fellow man and “however you want people to treat you, so treat them.” (Matt. 7:12).